As our college is included under selection 2(f) and 12-B of UGC act, it is eligible to receive all types of assistance grant from the UGC. As in previous five year plans, in the current (xIth) plan also, we have received the maximum grant in the tune of Rs., 81 lakhs towards the college development and merged schemes and of Rs. 60 lakhs forwards the construction of Women’s Hostel. Hats off to the innovative leadership of our Principal. Dr. V.L. Yerande assisted by the Vice-principal, Prof. G.H. Birajdar.

The facilities being rendered under various schemes are as briefed below.

1. Assistance for the college located in Rural area

Under this scheme, the students falling below poverty line, coming to the college by covering a distance of 10 Kms (and above) and having attendance above 70% will be given conveyance allowance upto Rs. 500/- per month.

2. Assistance for the college with relatively higher proportion of SC/ST/OBC/Minority/PH/EBC students

Under this scheme, depending upon previous year exam. result, a stipend of Rs. 500/- per month will be given to purchase books, stationary and other study material.

3. Assistance for the college for enhancement of intake capacity

Under this scheme, the college is found eligible to receive the special grant to upgrade the old courses, to start new course, to purchase books, journals, equipments and also for furniture’s and fixtures

4. Assistance for the college to establish UGC-Network Resource centre

Under this scheme, the college has got the grant to get computers, internet connectivity for the benefit of teachers and staff to get hand on experience of administration, finance, examination research as well as exposure to world wide knowledge scenario.

5. Assistance for college for Remedial coaching for SC/ST/OBC/Minority students

Under this scheme, the remedial coaching for various academic disciplines to enhance academic, numerical, lab and linguistic skills will be provided through theory classes, practical classes, serine’s and expert Lecturers. Equipments, books journals and study materials will also be provided.

6. Assistance for college for Coaching classes for entry in services for SC/ST/OBC/minority students

Under this Scheme, the college has received a grant to purchase equipments books and journals, to Organize special lecturers so as to motivate the category students to get entry in various state and national services.

7. Assistance for college for persons with disabilities

Under this scheme, the special grant for the betterment of physically challenged persons is provided to purchase special equipments, special books and journals to arrange workshops, to create awareness amongst the society, etc. and also to purchase computers with screen reading software’s, low vision aids, mobility devices.

8. Assistance for College to establish Career and Counseling cell

Under this scheme for the purchase of reading materials, books, journals, computer (with internet), Laser Printer, duplicating machine fax facility the assistance is given the seminars and guidance workshops for informing students about the emerging professional trends and events jobs, market needs, etc will be organized by this cell.

9. Assistance for College to Start job Oriented Certificate Course in Hardware and Networking

Under this Scheme, this new certificate course in Hardware and Netorking is being launched for the benefit of students of our rural community.