College has 2 recognized research centres.

Recognition obtained in December 2006 from SRTMUN, Nanded. Shri J.K. Dawle is a recognized Research Guide of SRTMU, Nanded. Annamalai University and Madurai Kamraj University.The Quota sanctioned is of 12 Students.Two students got M.Phil Degree and three are working for Ph.D. degree under the guidance of Dr. J.K. Dawle.

Research Areas :

Natural Products, Bio-active molecules, Heterocyclic Synthesis, Kinetics, Water Analysis, Analytical.
Equipments : Ultrasonic wave inducer, colorimeter, Digital Polarimeter, Thermostat, Chromatograms.

M.Phil. Holders :

Shri Suryawanshi V .B.
Miss.Sabnis M.J
Ph.D. Scholors
Shri K.I. Momin
Shri V.B. Surywanshi
Shri V.K. Ghorpade


.  DawleJ.K.and Suryawanshi V.B., Chemimicrobilogical Characterization of potable water of Nilanga City J. Aqua, Bio, 24(2) 2009 : 76-79.
.  Dawle J.K.and Dawane B.S., IR – Spectral Studies of substituted hydroxyl acetophenones Oriental Journal of Chemisty, 18(2), 2002, 383-384.
.  Dawle J.K.,Physicochemical Charactersation of the effluents of SSS Factory, Killari, Int. J. Chem. Sci 8(1), 2010 197-202.
.  Dawle J.K.and Vibhute Y.B.,Kinetics and Mechanism of Iodination of substituted Hydroxyacetophenones by ICI, Int. J. Chem. Sci : 8(i), 2010, 525-536.
.  Dawle J.K.and Vibhute Y.B.,IR and Mass spectral studies of Iodo-hydroxy acetophenones, Int. J. Chem. Sci. 8(i),2010, 633-637

Accepted : Two (both International)
.  Physicochemical Analysis of the waters from the urban area of Latur District of Maharashtra.
.  Chemi-microbial studies of the water samples of the rural area of the Latur District of Maharashtra.

Recognised Research Guide :-

Dr. Bhagawan M. Waghmare
Date of Guideship - 10- 01- 2003


1. SRTMU, Nanded for M. Phil. and Ph.D. (from 26- 10- 2004)
2. Yeshwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, Nashik. (from 6- 11- 2006)

Students awarded :-
Ph. D.
S. R. Shinde (2008)

Sumanth G.T (2007)
Shendge G. P (2008)
Bajgire R. S. (2009)

Thesis submitted (Ph. D.) – Bajgire R. S. (2010)
Scholers working for Ph. D. – 04
Scholers working for M.Phil. – 01
Minor Research Project Completed - 01

Research activities :-

  • Successful organization of National Conference on frontiers on Plant diseases: Diagnosis and Management. 3rd and 4th Jan. 2010.
  • Number of Research Papers Published in International and National Journals.
  • Research facilities. Equipments
  • Inoculating chamber
  • Research Autoclave
  • Research Ovan
  • Incubator
  • Centrifuge
  • Hot plate
  • Research microscope
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Colorimeter
  • Microtome Machine and other required facilities
  • Areas of interest
  • Seed health
  • Plant Disases
  • Fungal biotechnology
  • Phytochemistry
  • Ethno-medico-botany
  • Post harvest diseases
  • Medicinal Plant

    Research publications (Recent)
Sr. No. Name Place Years of publication

Incidence of Fusarium species on different crop seeds.

Frontiers in Botany P.P.125-128. 2000
2 Effect of nitrogen sources on production of hydrolytic enzymes by different species of Fusarium.  Bioinfolet vol.4(2) 122-124  2007
3 Studies on Antimicrobial activity of medicinal plants of Kinwat forest  Journal of Nature Conserve vol. 21(1): 143-148.  2009
4 New records for the flora of Marathwada M.S. India International research journal advances in plant Sci. Vol. 22 (2): 615.  2009
5 Production of hydrolytic enzymes by different species of Fusarium from grain during storage. Int. J. of mendal 26(1-4): 13-14. 2009
6 New records of flora of Marathwada from Kinwat forest, Nanded District. Bio-infolet 6(4): 302-303. 2009
7 Studies on antimicrobial activity of some medicinal plant extract against pathogentic bacteria and isolated seed borne fungi. J. of microb. World 11(2): 173-178 2009
8 Biochemical changes in seeds of azadirachta indica (L.) due to Fusarium species. Bioinfolet 7(1): 77-78. 2010